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69, 70,71, 72. I am trying to count the Griffon Vulture's as they glide effortlessly on their 2m. wingspan over the top of the mountains opposite my home. Earlier I was checking the damage to our vegetable patch as the wild boar were here again...

Camping and Trekking in the National Parks-Your Heritage

National parks and reserves, although blessed with all the beauty and exciting locations for great memorable adventures, can be very rugged places as well ,with no consideration for man kind.Conditions may change from good to bad in a short time If you intend to visit these locations it is important to be prepared and also to act in a responsible manner to sustain this great ecosystem for your own well being and generations to come. .Some ideas would be; have an experienced person/guide as part of the party and possibly no less than three people so one can stay and one can go for help if one of the party gets into trouble. don't plan activities beyond the physical capacity of the "weakest link" with activities such as hiking/mountain biking/,canoeing/climbing etc if available ,contact the park office regarding the condition of tracks and roads , the levels of the rivers,fire bans,landslides etc [ if there is a fire ban you may need to take a small gas stove or carry pre cooked foods ] allow sufficient time to do every thing you set out to do so you can get back before nightfall; [some days are longer than others at different times of the year] before departure , make sure somebody not going with you knows where / when , you plan to return and where you are going in case things go wrong ; and don't forget to tell them all is good upon your safe return. Carry extra food / water in case the excursion takes longer than expected. Carry at least; torches plenty lightweight food plastic bags for rubbish water plus warmweather for the worst weather possible rain coats/ poncho's first aid / insect repellent / sunscreen space

blanket compass/ map / gps matches / lighter

The weather may change dramatically in a short time especially in the alpine areas, so carry warm clothes even if it is nice and sunny when you start off.

Should you choose to carry your mobile check to see if your provider has coverage in the area otherwise this would be a waste of time.

Supervise children closely for loose rocks,cliffs,dangerous animals/plants,slippery rocks etc

Any fires should be completely extinguished to prevent a fire outbreak that you or anybody else may not outrun......severe penalties apply .

Keep to established tracks and respect fences and handrails

Don't encourage the local wildlife especially the bears;- in case they make a late night gourmet rendezvous through your tent ; don't bury the food scraps as they will only dig them up again.

If you decide to go swimming , never dive straight in , and check for submerged rocks and logs and keep an eye out for broken glass because if somebody cuts their foot open that will be the end of your adventure

So there you have a rough guideline for a successful day trip; so off you go and enjoy the great land that has been preserved for you and generations to come !

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