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Do Traditional Hair Loss Remedies Have Any Relevance Today?
Could it be possible that our ancestors got it right with some of their traditional hair loss remedies? Folklore tells us they certainly went to great lengths to find solutions to thinning hair. Although each culture had its own approach...

Manic bipolar depression facts and reality
Copyright 2005 David McEvoy Manic depression - Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive illness, is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in a person's mood, energy, and ability to function. Some mornings can start with...

Tips for Losing the Most Stubborn Pounds
Here are several tips that will help you shed that unwanted weight and create a more healthy and attractive figure. Increase Protein When you diet, keep your protein at 55% of your calories. This will help you maintain your muscle mass...

Unusual Signs and Wonders Today? - True Incident
In the year 2002, the state of Texas, didn't issue social security numbers, birth, or death certificates to parents of stillborn babies. On October 25 2002, my third daughter was stillborn In TX. The realization I wouldn't be given any...

Use Of Mini And Micro Grafts In Hair Transplant Surgery
Apart from the treatment of male and female pattern baldness hair loss, hair transplant surgery using micro and mini grafts are now widely used in hair transplant repair procedures and reconstructive surgical hair restoration procedures. With the...

How Can Aloe Vera Help My Skin

In Mesopotamia, clay tablets dated 1750 B.C.E. showed that aloe vera was being used in a pharmaceutical manner. Egyptian books from 550 B.C.E. mentioned that infections of the skin could be cured by the application of aloe. In 74 B.C.E., a Greek physician wrote a book in which he stated that aloe could treat wounds, heal infections of the skin, cure chapping, decrease hair loss, and eliminate hemorrhoids. Around 1200 B.C.E. aloe vera was used as a cathartic medicine. The aloe plant has yellow flowers. The leaves are arranged in a rosette configuration; they are triangular and spear-like and have thorny ridges. The most mature leaves are on the outer part of the rosette. Aloe vera was first cultivated for pharmaceutical distribution in 1920.

Both fresh and commercial aloe preparations were found to contain high levels of lecithin-like substances. Lecithin is a hemaglutinating protein that binds glycoproteins and decreases

anti-inflammatory properties.

In 1935, Collins and Collins published the first credible report of a medicinal use of aloe vera. In 1943, aloe was shown to be successful in the treatment of thermal second-degree burns and radium burns.

The manner in which aloe could expedite the healing of skin ulcers may be related to its occlusive properties. J. Blitz et al suggest that aloe may function as a protective barrier. T. J. Raine et al noted that tissue survival was increased when wounds were treated with aloe vera crème.


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